Paper Airoplanes and Scientific method

Scientific Inquiry refers to the many different ways in which scientists investigate the world. Scientific investigations are done to answer questions and solve problems. Many times investigations are said to follow a scientific method. Scientific methods are the steps that are followed during an investigation to make sure that the information gained during the investigation is accurate and true.
This experiment follows a scientific method to determine which of three paper airoplanes is 'best'. Print out the instruction sheets and record your data in the tables provided. You can then transfer your data to a Google docs. spreadsheet to compare your data with students from all parts of the world. You can also add a photo of your plane and describe it's features in the first column of the spreadsheet.
Student instructions and worksheet here:
Google docs. Spreadsheet here:
Students from Hawkesdale College videos here:

Twenty five different styles of plane to make: Paper Airoplane design
10 paper airoplane designs with animated folding instructions: Learn how to make 10 great paper planes
Best paper airoplanes

"This experiment was conducted by my oldest son, Connor, and two of his friends/classmates. The exact title of their science fair project is Comparison of Model Airplane Glide Time with Scale Size. I followed them around almost every weekend for a couple of months getting the pictures and video clips while they built the planes to fly, built the angle gauge to control the angle of launch, and collected their data in a large field behind my school. They worked very hard to produce an outstanding project! be 16 again! "