Cameron on left with boat

Due Date:
My investigation is about (could be a question you want answered or a problem):
i am goinng to see howm much a wooden toy boat can hold before it sinks, i think that
this boat wiil be abale to hold alest 3/4 of its full wieght.
"I am going to test how much weight a boat can hold before it sinks."

7th November
My hypothesis is (should be worded as a statement):
i think that this boat will hold 3/4 of its wieght.

7th November
My references used to research the question:

Free Science Fair Project Ideas for Grades K-12

7th November
Materials and equipment required to conduct my investigation:

a wooden block of wood to craphed the boat and wood as well as a plastic 1 letter milk cartion .tools:chisal,cillsor,and drille.
lead wieghts from 10g to 30g

14th November
My experimental design (the method you will use to test your hypothesis):

the first thing that must be done is that you ned to have a wooden boat that ways 263.99g and a plastic boat that ways 42.07g . you will need a glass aquarim that is 30cm hieght by 60cm long by 30cm wide as well as 30g of weights.
step1:first you need to fill the take up with water that the boat can sit or float in side .
step2:then you have to put your wieghts in pastersen so you don't have to brack the glasss when you r boat sinks.
step:then the wieghts nneed to be wayed and the wieght the boat but the wieght that you have got have to be recorded.
step:then put the boat in the water then put one by one put the wieghts in the baot.
step5:record all your infermation and conber your stuff to someone eles who done this same project .if its diffent to someone eles then the wieghts are diffent or the shape of the boat changes.

14th November
Conduct experiments and submit quantitative data and graphs.

21st November
Complete artefact for presentation:
Voicethread uploaded to wiki
Powerpoint converted and uploaded to Slideshare, posted on wiki
Photostory or Vegas video uploaded to TeacherTube and posted on wiki
Flip video uploaded to TeacherTube and posted on wiki
· Text report with photos and diagrams posted on wiki.

Make sure you include credits and complete list of References

28th November