Ben recoding mass of boat weights

Hi Ben, I'd like to read more about how the weight in a boat affects it's performance. Why is it important to know how much a boat will hold? My brother built the "Enterprize" - a replica of the ship that brought the first settlers to Melbourne from Tasmania a couple of hundred years ago. That boat held many passengers and luggage as well as sheep, chickens and cattle.

Due Date:
My investigation is about (could be a question you want answered or a problem):
how much weight can a boat holed

Hey Ben, Cameron is interested in this topic too - would you like to work with him?

7th November
My hypothesis is (should be worded as a statement):
i think that this boat will holed 3/4 of is weight

7th November
My references used to research the question:

7th November
Materials and equipment required to conduct my investigation:

14th November
My experimental design (the method you will use to test your hypothesis):

14th November
Conduct experiments and submit quantitative data and graphs.

21st November
Complete artefact for presentation:
Voicethread uploaded to wiki
Powerpoint converted and uploaded to Slideshare, posted on wiki
Photostory or Vegas video uploaded to TeacherTube and posted on wiki
Flip video uploaded to TeacherTube and posted on wiki
· Text report with photos and diagrams posted on wiki.

Make sure you include credits and complete list of References

28th November