Good work so far, Aidan. I would like to see a labelled diagram of the simple motor you intend to make and the materials you are using.
Due Date:
My investigation is about (could be a question you want answered or a problem):

To make a electric power motor

7th November
My hypothesis is (should be worded as a statement):

That a small amount of stuff can make a motor

7th November
My references used to research the question:


7th November
Materials and equipment required to conduct my investigat
1x Steel ‘U’ shaped frame􀁸1x Rotor (two half rotors clicked together)􀁸1x Axle shaft􀁸2x Magnets􀁸2x End plates, plastic􀁸4x Rubber rings to hold commutator wire loops in place (including 2 spares)􀁸2x Reels of insulated wire (1x red and 1x black)􀁸1x Wire stripper (alligator clip)􀁸2x Elastic band to hold motor together (including 1 spare)􀁸1x Instruction card for student

14th November
My experimental design (the method you will use to test your hypothesis):
1st click your to hafe rotors together
2 slide the axle shaft throw the rotor
3 wind the wire around the rotor and then on the ends of them nake 2 loops and slide your 2 ruber rings over
4lopp the 2 bits of wire therw the hole on each side of the plates and make some brushes
5 join your plates to the u frame ans add the mangets to each side of the u farme
6place the rotor with the axle in the middle to the plates and spin and it should have power going thew it

14th November
Conduct experiments and submit quantitative data and graphs.

21st November
Complete artefact for presentation:
Voicethread uploaded to wiki
Powerpoint converted and uploaded to Slideshare, posted on wiki
Photostory or Vegas video uploaded to TeacherTube and posted on wiki
Flip video uploaded to TeacherTube and posted on wiki
· Text report with photos and diagrams posted on wiki.

Make sure you include credits and complete list of References

28th November