Questions to investigate for Physics projects:

Can you make a photograph without a camera?
How much energy does your computer use? Where did the energy come from?
What would make an M&M melt in your hand?
Can you make a working radio?
The effect of soccer ball temperature on kicking distance
The investigation of how ions affect the surface tension of water
How does weather affect baseball?
Specs on specs: How to protect your eyes from UV light
How does unbalanced vibration of a musical string affect the wave it creates?
Calculating Resistance: using circuits to test Ohm's Law
Temperamental golf balls - which golf balls travel the furthest?
Can mathematical patterns be found in J.S. Bach's Preludes and Fugues?
The effect of temperature on the velocity of winds
How does oxygen affect the rate a candle burns?
How do different liquids affect water surface tension?
What is the effect of trebuchet arm length on projectile distance?
Can you build an electric motor from scratch?
How far can your balloon rocket travel?

Force and Acceleration - How fast will your toy car fall?