Questions to Investigate for Food Science Projects:

Whipped cream is a treat to decorate may desserts. But is it as simple as that?
Does whipping warm cream take longer?
How can you create the most volume when whipping cream?
How long does it take milk to sour at different temperatures?
What makes milk separate into 'curds' and 'whey'? Why does this happen?
How is yoghurt made and why is it supposed to be so good for you?
Why do foods turn colors when you cook them? Why does food get cold?
What makes a gummy bear sticky?
What whips faster, egg whites or whipping cream? Why?
What makes yeast foam (proof) ?
"Sizzle, not so lean": which bacon has the most fat?
Which citrus fruit is the best electrolyte?
The effect of the Rood type on the pH of food.
What form of sugar combined with baker's yeast will produce the most Carbon Dioxide?
Which is more accurate, a digital thermometer, an alcohol thermometer or a mercury Thermometer?

Can you make your own solar food cooker?
Kitchen Chemisty - A list of sites to explore chemistry in the kitchen.

This project investigates how much vitamin C is in different types of orange juice.