To investigate the effect that fat and its temperature have on the taste and texture of pastry shells. my hypothesis is that the room temperture butter will be the best.
Materials and Equipment:
Ingredients to make a pie shell and equipment to do so.
Make the recipe for the pies(the recipe is on the page). each time using a different type of butter for one use shortned, one use cold butter, another use room temprture butter and for the last use melted butter. this will change the taste and crumblyness of the shells. Record data in table in page on buddie website.
see table below

this is where i got my info from.
this is what it will look like before i add the butter.
Gravel sized pieces of fat and flour.
Gravel sized pieces of fat and flour.

Type of Fat
Tenderness Ranking
Flakiness Ranking

Cold Butter

Room Temperature Butter

Melted Butter